The 9 Most Creative Diy Boat Steering Console Plans


Building a boat steering console is not a hard task. It’s much better to learn how to create boat steering console. This will save you the cost of hiring someone to do it for you when you can do it by yourself. However, you must learn how to create a boat steering console with simple steps. To give you an easy time creating your boat steering console, our team has compiled several boat steering consoles plans that will help you come up with the best boat steering consoles at the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at the plans.

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Diy Boat Steering Console Plans

#1 Aluminum Boat Console Plans Bodole

You need basic carpentry tools to make this boat steering console. Have wood screws and silicone caulk with you before starting the project. In addition, it is advisable to purchase enough plywood. Lumber and several cushions is a must if you want to have a successful project. Start by cutting the plywood into your desired patterns. On this project specifically, it would be better if you consider cutting at least 24 inches center to center intervals.

Remember to cut the side panels preferably using a circular saws. Don’t forget to have exact dimensions so that your boat steering console works better. As a boat owner, you should be the one who should determine the size and number of side panels to be used. The measuring tape will help you get exact dimensions while the drill will assist in drilling shallow but exact holes.

1 Aluminum Boat Console Plans Bodole


#2 DIY Boat Steering Console Rock Lobster

You can use this boat steering console plan to build steering console on your 24 foot boat. On this plan, you need to compile several two by two frames. The frames should be well sanded and be of the right dimensions. The ideal face you should consider in your project is 8/8 plywood. In addition, the sides of the plywood should be cut at quarter inches. Always use 4 oz cloth if you own a fiberglass boat.

Do you want to get a better and smooth fiberglass finish? The best way to go about it is to pour the resin on the provided cloth. A small plastic squeegee will be crucial and helpful to spread it out. You will have an easy time smoothing it out if you purchase small paint roller which are made of resin. Some people have been complaining that it spread over the entire surface.

2 DIY Boat Steering Console Rock Lobster


#3 TODD Steering Console For Inflatable Boats

This boat steering console will ideally fit most inflatable boats. You can make it in a unique way to include a storage compartment and a grab rail. The perfect dimensions should be 32 inches on height and 16 inches on the width. Use a measuring tape before cutting the sides panels. You can do it with your friend to ensure that you achieve the desired level of accuracy when working on your project. In addition, use medium wood screws to ensure that the side panels are well secured. The plywood used should be thick while the wood pieces should be well sanded for extra durability.

3 TODD Steering Console For Inflatable Boats


#4 Center Console Boat Project

Begin by taking the foam scrapes and glue to come up with a larger board. You should be guaranteed that this will not affect the strength as the mat is in a position where the foam gets its structure. Although the boat steering console should be determined by the size of the boat, the ideal dimensions are 4 by 3 inches. Plywood are useful for the faces in this project. Don’t worry about the amount of resin or glass you will be using in this project as you only need about 10 5 gal buckets. This means that you will end up saving a lot of money in the process.

Instead of adding glass panels as extra stiffeners, you would be at the right place if you use high quality ply wood. This ensure ease of cutting. With a high quality plywood, you will experience better screw holding.  Alternatively, you can go ahead and skip the gelcoat especially if you know that the molds are of low quality than you would want. There is no need to put on a finish because at the end you will be required to sand it off. Instead, use a body filler to cover it up.

4 Center Console Boat Project


#5 Build Your Own Boat Steering Console

On this plan, you should start by preparing a console deck and several pieces of side panels. To have quality side panels, use soft plywood that is well sanded. The side panels should be shaped in a way that they are bent to stand on their own. Two medium sized side panels can be used to make the outer casing of the boat steering console. At the bottom, there should be a deck coaming which should be bent too such that it fits the outer casing perfectly. Fit the door coaming made from thin plywood just outside the deck coaming. The door coaming ensure that you can freely open the door. It should be cut from a lightwood plywood.

This plan utilizes an aluminum pipe which is sourced from the highly regarded conduit. The type of aluminum used on this plan is soft and easy to weld. In fact, it has been used a lot in sewer plants. If you want to prime your aluminum material, use an epoxy primer which is well rated to be used for aluminum. In that case, you will be guaranteed that your boat steering console will be durable and attractive to be used on any boat.

5 Build Your Own Boat Steering Console


#6 DIY Center Steering Console

The forward edge of each side panel should be equal to the height of forward panel. In most cases, the panel edges are shorter by three inches when compared to the forward panel height. Attach the angle braces using the screws that come with the braces. This should be ¾ inches from the panel sides. From there, it’s time to attach the sides to the right angle braces. As you do it, ensure that the top and bottom of the side panels are even and adjacent to the front panel.

After drilling five or four holes with the drill, repeat the operation on the right side of the panels. Use a couple wood screws to secure the side panels to the real panels. Each of the screws used should be 1.25 inches. The steering console is now complete so it’s time to set the dashboard. The right way to do it is placing it on the angled end of the console. Make sure that the dashboard is secured well to the panel edges. In that case, you can use six wood screws of 1.5 inches long.

6 DIY Center Steering Console


#7 Home Made Steering Console by TinBoats

You can reuse a shell from a steering console you no longer use when building this boat steering console. In addition, you can include a gauge panel while not forgetting steering and throttle. All these things are perfect for this plan as you can always grab the throttle when moving around the hull. This boat steering console will work not only as a bug but also as wind deflector especially when you are running solo.

If you don’t have a shell, you can use a tool box to make a nice looking boat steering console. This will be crucial if you don’t have access to quality mahogany wood. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Cut about eight boards in the right sizes. Pour cherry stains on the boards. Mount an aluminum angle on the floor and panel sides.

As indicated on this boat steering console, the legs will be built to the longer dimension. Again, they should be trimmed to the desired install height.

7 Home Made Steering Console by TinBoats


#8 Aluminum Steering Console for Boats Homemade

The tough aluminum console include a steering wheel. This boat steering wheel can be used for any type of boat including inflatable boats. The steering wheel is durable and will resist rough water duties. To build this steering console, you just need plastic material, several pieces of cloth and steering wheel. The steering wheel can be from a shell console which you don’t use. To have the best steering console, make sure that you cut the plastic material in the right pattern as indicated on the diagram below. Besides, the cuttings should be accurate for the steering wheel to fit. Fit the steering wheel on the cut plastic material and you will have an operational boat steering console.

8 Aluminum Steering Console for Boats Homemade


#9 Central Steering Console DIY Plan

This boat steering console comes with a grab rail while the windshield is not available. The cut out are 8 inches on width. The height on the other hand are 11 inches. In addition, the instrument panels are 14 inches in width while the height is about 3 inches. It is worth noting that the gauges and steering wheels are not included. The steering console can also be made from home if you have a steering wheel. Other crucial items that you need to have include mahogany wood or plywood to make the side panels. You can make wood doors so that you can have a storage compartment on the boat steering console.

9 Central Steering Console DIY Plan


Final Thoughts

Building a boat steering console is an easy task if you have the right materials and when you follow the instructions in the plan. After reading the above plans, you can now build a boat steering console without any issue. We hope that you enjoyed the above article. You can share the article if you found it helpful. Also, if you have any question regarding building boat steering console, you can always ask our team and we will get back to you immediately. Till next time. Thanks!

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